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Carmen Adams

Registered Herbalist, AHG & CHN

After dealing with a diverse amount of various health issues in her own life such as acne, weight gain, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, food allergies and even reproductive problems from the use of birth control! A change was needed so NATURALLY she became her first client! Being drawn to holistic solutions, she began greatly improving the quality of her own life using Herbs, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Science.

September of 2015 a close family member experienced a stroke. Noticing the suffering happening before her eyes, Carmen decided to not only be a holistic advocate for them but also their Caregiver. Neither of these decisions were easy considering this event turned her life upside down in the process. The knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes & Digestive Wellness allowed Carmen to effectively communicate with her family member's doctors and nurses in order to safely introduce a natural approach to healing from varying modalities. The progress the individual made showed great promise and effectiveness taking them from needing 13 different prescribed medications to ZERO with Carmen's guidance !

Carmen's Education
  • University of Central Florida

  • Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing

  • Energetic Health Institute

  • Kingdom College of Natural Health

  • Master Herbalist Clinical Internship-2500 hrs

  • Health Coaching Apprenticeship-1600 hrs

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist Clinical Training-1000 hrs

  • NANP Internship - 500 direct hrs w/ Supervising Naturopathic Physician(s)

  • Fellowship - General Hospital Nuestra Señora del Prado in Talavera, Spain - 1 Contract

The Intro to Wellness/Essence of YOU Program(s) are effective because:

  • It uses Allopathic / Traditional Medicine's diagnostic tools such as Comprehensive Labs and Specialty Labs with Interpretations from a Functional / Preventative clinical thought process but with an Indigenous /  Eastern approach that uses Herbs, Supplements, Nutrition,  Mindfulness and Science. 

  • Helps Clients identify real life expectations and provides her Clients with with an Alternative Care Plans so that they may make informed decisions with confidence and take control of their health.

  • Develops a personal relationship – Her Clients will be able to communicate with Carmen as long as they remain Clients.

  • Collaborates with Clients– Carmen doesn't replace the Client's doctor; however, she is an insurmountable addition to her Client's Health Related Journey. Instead, she will  help the Client communicate with the prescribing Physician(s) with confidence to reduce the Client's dependency on prescribed medication(s) as the need arises with prescribing physicians guidance which can reduce or eliminate the harmful and uncomfortable side effects the Client may be experiencing. She can also teach them how to eat, what to eat, what & how much herbs/supplements to take and when... PLUS MORE! This is all tailored to their SPECIFIC desired outcomes.  

  • Provides a sounding board – Carmen helps her Client's gain control of their health —not just manage their symptoms. Sometimes having someone to talk to can mean the difference in getting past the proverbial plateau.

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