Aspiring Herbalists Club

  • Are you interested in learning more about medicinal plants?

  • Does assisting others with natural remedies bring you joy?

  • Wondering if an Herbalist Mentor will help you on your learning journey?

  • Are you seeking assistance with transitioning from a student to being in private practice?

  • Will you eventually need assistance with developing your own protocols?

  • Want to meet VIRTUALLY each week on Wednesdays' @ 7:15 pm PST - 8:15 pm PST with other like-minded Aspiring Herbalists?

  • Do you want to APPLY or a ONE-on-ONE Family Herbalist Mentorship, Community Herbalist Mentorship, and / or Clinical Herbalist Mentorship?

  • Desire insight to applying to become a Registered Herbalist, AHG with the American Herbalists Guild?

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