Wondering if a Natural Approach to your chief complaint is the best next step in your healing journey?


Schedule YOUR Complementary Screening today with our Herbalist Assistant, Sara Menist, to see IF or HOW we can HELP!

Basic Home Remedy

Want to learn a simplistic holistic approach to common complaints?

Interactive Moon Meditation

Come and re-align with your higher being!

Herbalist Mentorship

Do you want to become an herbalist?

2-Part Wellness Evaluation

Healthy? Want to know CUSTOMIZED ways to optimize YOUR health?

Divinity Services

Have you reached a cross road in your spiritual journey?

Customized Programs

Tired of seeking answers yet finding no solutions? Let us teach you!

Financial Hardship?

You are welcome to become a Healing Arts Collective member to take advantage of Holistic JumpStart with

Carmen Adams, RH (AHG) & CHN on a sliding scale of $60 PER APPOINTMENT.

  • 45-Minute Strategy Session (one-time) via phone - provide Preliminary Holistic Health Information for Educational Purposes

  • 30-Minute Follow Up Appointment(s) via phone, video or in-person; adjust holistic health information as achieve their health related goals

  • Unlimited Chat Support via a Private Client Profile within our Electronic Health Records (EHR) software

You can register for an Open Path Healing Arts Collective membership HERE.

To register, fill out a simple online client registration form and pay a one-time, lifetime membership fee of just $49. To find out WHY they charge a membership fee, and how the fees are used, please click HERE.

MEMBER ID is required to make use of the sliding scale price point; be sure to REGISTER & provide this MEMBER ID at your FREE Qualifying Screening Call.