Apprentice & Herbalist Assistant

Sara Mentist

As a self-described plant nerd, Sara is a bio-regional herbalist who is committed to expanding knowledge about locally-growing medicinal plants and how to incorporate them into our daily lives. She is Carmen's right-hand woman, the registered herbalist on-site at LV Holistic Health and Nourish Wellness Center.

She is currently most passionate about the work she is doing to build Desert Botanika - an herbal brand offering personalized kits to remedy everyday ailments.​


As a business major turned herbalist, Sara has developed a unique perspective when it comes to bridging the gap between what is needed and what hasn’t been tapping into yet. Influenced by female entrepreneurs Sara Blakely and Georgina Gooley, she aspires to bring Desert Botanika to the local farmers markets here in Las Vegas, NV in the next stages of her career!

Sara is also a recent graduate of Innergy Medical Group's Herbalist Mentorship Program.