Jaquelyn Hodge, Teacher

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"Hello my name is Jaquelyn Hodge! I started my appointments with Carmen in May 2018. My reason in starting to see her was because the Eczema on my skin was out of control.


Dermatologists were not able to give me other options other than Topical Steroid Cream at the time. I realized my skin was addicted to it and it was just asking for more. With Carmen, I was able to get off of the Topical Steroid Creams and use alternatives to help me. It was tough because I went through a withdrawal, but Carmen was always there ready to give me support whichever way she could.


She has taught me to look more in the inside of our bodies and see what is really causing whichever issue we are dealing with. I have learned to take certain supplements and herbs that helps the Eczema on my body. Carmen is also very supportive in working with any modern medicine I am taking. She has checked to see if any of my medicines conflict with the supplements I am taking. She also always gives me my alternative options to any medicines I am given. It is always up to me if I want to take it. It has been a year so far in my healing journey and I amazed at where I am at! Even though I still have a lot to heal, I feel so much healthier and stronger! Carmen has been there for me through the toughest of times and I am very thankful for her and for where I am today."

Jaquelyn Hodge




"I’ve suffered from various Rheumatoid issues over the past few years, mainly with an abnormally low wbc, and from the advice of Carmen on diet change and healthier eating my health has improved tremendously.

If you’re ready for a change in your health definitely sign up for a consultation."


Maryann McCambridge, Medium


Marjorie Jones, RN

"I am very grateful to have Carmen Adams as my Nutritionist and Herbalist.  She has been an outstanding practitioner.  As an accomplished RN, Nurse educator, entrepreneur, wife and mother, I seek professionals who are knowledgeable, empathetic, customer service oriented, passionate, resourceful, innovative and affordable.   I can unequivocally state Carmen Adams meets and exceeds my expectations.

She fully embraces an wholistic approach to wellness.  She makes a thorough assessment and then a wellness plan that is unique to the individual.  She makes certain that you have a clear understanding of the plan and that it agrees with your own expectations of what you want to accomplish.  She makes every effort to answer all questions and if there is anything that needs further exploration, she researches it and expeditiously follows up.  She takes the time needed to assure that your visit is not rushed and is an active, empathetic listener.

Carmen assertively faced challenges in transition of her practice, as she realigned, expanded and restructured it to meet the dynamic needs of the growing population of those who seek wholistic care.  Through it all, she has persevered, while sustaining her clients via innovation and creative approaches.  This has been an amazing testament to the mettle of this remarkable young woman.

Carmen’s services are affordable and she makes herself readily available, returning calls, texts and emails within the same day.  That is of major significance to me, because when you have questions, you need them answered while it is utmost in your mind.  I do not know if she will always be quite this accessible, as her practice is growing exponentially, but I am certain that it will remain reasonable, as it is in her heart to maintain positive, meaningful connections with her clients."


Marjorie Jones

"My name is Maryann McCambridge and I have been a client of Carmen's since 1 1/2 years ago. She is the best nutritionist I ever had.


My health has improved 80% since I have been seeing her. The other 20 % is me I need to lose more weight. I eat more healthy food now and I quit dairy. What a difference in how I feel. I don't have digestive issues. My blood pressure is down and normal now since I've been eating with the help of Carmen teaching me on what to eat? I highly recommend her."

Maryann McCambridge